How Do I Get More Leads For My Business?

How do I Get More Leads?


You may be saying to yourself “I don’t want leads, I want sales”, which is a normal thought process, we tend to think of the end goal and not the journey. The truth of the matter is not many businesses make a sale without first nurturing a lead, the nurturing process may be very short, but it’s still there.

Why are leads important?

A lead is the start of the Customer Value Journey, and this journey begins with an awareness that your business exists. Once someone knows you exist, then you have the opportunity to tell them more about your business, how you can help them solve their problem, why you are the best option for them, and ultimately why they should hand over their hard-earned money to you.

Leads turn into meetings, meetings turn into proposals, and proposals turn into sales. Through this process, you are nurturing the leads to convert to a sale. The journey doesn’t end there though, one sale leads to repeat sales, it can also lead to referrals. Now you have an evangelist for your business, and this is wicked important because we are more likely to buy from someone we know or who has been referred to us than from a complete stranger.

Where do leads come from?

Leads can come from many sources such as:

  • A friend telling one of their friends about your business
  • A personal connection
  • A repeat customer
  • A cold lead finding your business on the Internet

These are just a few very general ways that leads come to us, but there are so many more.

How do I get more leads?

Before we get into this you need to look back at your existing business and ask a few questions:

  • Have you identified who your ideal customer is? (Hint: the answer is not “Anyone who buys from me”)
  • How are you attracting new customers today?
  • Do you currently maintain a list of existing customers?

Once you have a clear picture of your ideal customer, let’s look at some ways to get more leads. Full disclosure, we are only going to focus on the online methods, after all, digital marketing and web design is our business and we want you for a lead.

  • Website
    • Have an engaging website that lures potential customers in
    • Fill out a contact form on your site
    • Signup for an email Newsletter
      • This only works if you can commit to consistently sending out the newsletter, and if it has valuable, relevant content
    • Properly set up the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for all of the pages on your website
      • SEO is what is used by all the search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc to rank your site based on content and it’s relevance to their users’ searches
      • If your business is focused only in your area, then you want to also work on your Local SEO strategy
      • Having solid SEO, using relevant keywords and good content can help with your organic (FREE) search ranking
    • Write a blog
      • Provide valuable information that people will want to read
  • Social Media – this is very powerful since a large percentage of your potential customers are probably on social media, and they tend to have a smartphone so your business has the potential to be right in their hands at all times. The key to social media is to be relevant and to be active on it
    • Have a Facebook Business Page and ask people to like it
      • Provide frequent updates on your page
      • Your posts can be links back to your blog on your website
      • Will you like ours?
    • Twitter is very popular
      • Frequent tweets about the information that’s relevant to your customers
      • This can be a link back to a blog post on your website
      • Follow us @wickedsmahtguys
    • Instagram
      • Again, relevant content
      • Can be linked back to your blog on your website
      • Follow us here too
    • LinkedIn
      • This is sort of like a business version of Facebook, it’s been around a lot longer and is designed to be for your “professional network”
      • Same rules as any other social media, frequent and relevant
      • Like us at
    • GMB (Google My Business)
      • Although it is not as popular as some of the others don’t discount it’s connection to Google. Google loves to see activity and connectivity on their network and having a GBM account that is maintained is a good, easy way to help your search ranking
      • This one is a little different in that you don’t have a public “profile”, but you do provide all the information for your search listing (how you show up in Google) as well as you can post directly there and it shows up in Google searches under your company
      • Same rules, frequent and relevant
    • Facebook Messenger(bots)
      • Bots have become increasingly popular because of their ability to “automate” a lot of the conversation
      • A well-planned bot can capture the lead contact information and then place it into an email marketing or marking automation tool for future use
  • Paid advertising –Organic ranking is always your goal, there is a place and time for paid advertising, but if not done properly it can cost you a lot of money with minimal ROI (return on investment)
    • PPC (Pay Per click)this is generally associated with Paid Search and is where Google, Bing, and others play. When someone does a search, the first few results generally are paid placement, those companies are paying to be at the top, and they get billed for every click. The CPC (cost per click) varies based on the search volume of specific words, the more popular a word or phrase is the more it costs to be placed, and how often you want to be at the top.
    • Facebook Advertising is a very cost effective method of advertising. With over 2 billion active users, chances are your customers are out there. Using very targeted criteria for who you want your ads to display to, it’s possible to get your information in front of a large number of people for very little ad spend. One additional bonus with this is that since Facebook owns Instagram you can get your ads displayed to that user base as well
    • Twitter also has the ability to place paid advertisements in users feeds for very little money 

 This is a long list of sources to help you get leads, and almost every one of these could be a blog post all by itself. The intent of the list is to give you ideas, but the biggest take away of all is to HAVE A PLAN.

Your business is how you feed your family, it’s how you provide for them, so take your marketing seriously. So many times we’ve heard “I tried Facebook Ads or Pay Per click and all it did was cost me a lot of money”, and that’s probably true. Companies like Facebook and Google aren’t not-for-profit businesses, although they might provide some documentation on how to use their platform, the fact is if you don’t have a plan they will still take your money. Marketing is not a “Set it and forget it” process (we wrote a blog post on that very subject Marketing is not a rotisserie chicken ), it takes work, it takes thought, and it takes a well thought out marketing plan, but it can make a huge improvement in your business.

What do I do once I have the leads?

Once you’ve done all the work, and you have leads coming in, what do you do with them? Well, we recommend to capture the contact information and put it into at the very least an email marketing system, we actually recommend a Marketing Automation system which provides much more functionality than just traditional email marketing. We are Active Campaign Partners and this is the platform we use for all of our marketing customers.

Do not ever buy a “list”, this is a sure way to get your emails blacklisted by all email providers, not to mention a majority of the people on the list are not going to be relevant to your business. Only use a list of people you have received permission to email and market to.

We hope this has provided you with some ideas, our goal is to help your business grow. If you feel you want or need help implementing any of these then schedule a FREE Business Consultation with us today. Schedule Now